Is sectarianism doomed to continue?

5 Mar

Today Lebanese forces leader Sami Geagea, addressing LF members of Kesserwan-Ftouh, made a comment that shows exactly why Lebanon’s current political system cannot work.  Speaking of the resistance movement – and resistance is becoming a more and more popular word across the Middle East – he pointed out that “the Lebanese Forces was the first to launch the concept of resistance in Lebanon.”  So far, so good (although to what extent true is always debatable.)  He continued: “we support the choice of resistance; however, that of the Lebanese government and army, not Hezbollah.”  Still predictable; as a founding member of the March 14 coalition, Geagea is little likely to call for support for Hezbollah.  But here comes the booboo.  Calling on the Lebanese to take part in the March 14 rally at Martyr’s square, Geagea said:

“We miss leading a normal and honorable life, we miss stability, peace, calm, freedom, culture, progress and development.  This is why why I call on all Lebanese and Christians to join the rally.”

Great.  Just as he calls for freedom, progress, peace … he goes straight back to the divisive, ever-repeated language of sectarianism.  A call to all Christians? Such a call is a call for strife, not peace.  All the more reason for Fouad Hamdan’s (see or previous post) incitement for the separation of politics from religion to be considered, debated and inshallah, heeded.


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