You Have Your Lebanon And I Have Mine

24 Dec

Yesterday Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Druze community and head of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party, highlighted afresh the risks the country now faces as it waits for the results of the UN’s Special Tribunal into the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri.

‘Lebanese have the right to ask many questions about the indictment which, day after day, has proved to be a politically motivated decision somewhere, and leaves Lebanon at high risks,’ he said, in remarks published today by daily newspaper As-Safir.

The lengthy wait for the conclusion of the Tribunal is proving more troublesome than the investigation itself.  It is the speculation of tension that generates the tension.  Khalil Gibran, author of ‘The Prophet‘ and probably the most renowned of Lebanese authors, wrote these prophetic words:

“You have your Lebanon and I have mine. You have your Lebanon with her problems, and I have my Lebanon with her beauty. You have your Lebanon with all her prejudices and struggles, and I have my Lebanon with all her dreams and securities. Your Lebanon is a political knot, a national dilemma, a place of conflict and deception. My Lebanon, is a place of beauty and dreams of enchanting valleys and splendid mountains. Your Lebanon is inhabited by functionaries, officers, politicians, committees, and factions. My Lebanon is for peasants, shepherds, young boys and girls, parents and poets. Your Lebanon is empty and fleeting, whereas My Lebanon will endure forever.”

Speculation about what the Tribunal might conclude, followed by speculation about the effects such a conclusion might have, is not fruitful.  Gibran’s Lebanon will out, if we let it.


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